Wilderness and Nature Guide Mika Klimenko

GSM +358 500 472 734

Email: klimenko.mika@gmail.com

Aittojärventie 18 D, 89200 Puolanka, Finland

About me ...

About your guide, Mika Klimenko :

  • Nature and Wilderness Guide and Nature Tourism instructor diploma (Eräkarkku, Sastamala)
  • born in Lohja, Finland, 50 years old, has lived in Puolanka since 1993
  • wife and 2 sons
  • 3 retriever dogs used for hunting game (hare and elk hound services available)
  • passion for hunting (game birds, hares, elk and deer)
  • loves the great outdoors and what nature has to offer (herbs, berries, mushrooms)
  • devoted foodie and cook: using wild herbs, mushrooms & berries can also conjure up three-course meals (lunch/dinner) outdoors, in the wilderness.

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